2,000 Flushes

True to its namesake, Iron County is riddled with mines. Though some are still currently in use, a good majority of the uninhabited outskirts of the county harbor extensive mine networks that run like veins beneath the red rock visible via excavation sites and the man-made mounds of unearthed soil. One such mine (affectionately known as 2,000 Flushes) trumps them all.


While its size of the excavation is certainly impressive, 2,000 Flushes is known more than anything, as a phenomena. Originally a iron/copper mine, the bottomless pit is now a filled with miraculously turquoise water. In the sunlight, the shade is comparable to something I’ve only ever found in the Caribbean, but it’s beauty is misleading. The water is toxic. It’s color is achieved by a chemical reaction between a natural abundance of copper and iron and byproducts from the 1940-50’s nuclear testing that took place just south of the state line (namely arsenic, uranium, and mercury). As a local hangout, 2,000 Flushes gained its popularity for its scenic views, abundant ATV trails, and its function as the generally accepted place to roll lighted tires and cars off the cliff and into the pit.

Follow highway-56 west out of Cedar City, UT for about 9 miles.
Take the a right on the road to the landfill (romantic, I know:)
Go NW for a few miles, and take your [first?] left
Drive until the road runs out and your staring the rail road tracks
Turn right, and follow the dirt road as far as your car can handle it.

Won’t be on any maps, so look for trail markers reading ‘Desert Mound.’
This write up does not condone fire related rendezvous….
Do NOT swim/cliff dive here!!!
Last but not least, happy exploring.


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